Assalamualaikum wbt.

(hekeh da pndai bg salam abg ni..keh3x)

pembuka bicara untuk org yg da lme meninggalkan alam berblogging (ntah mcm ade org yg bce lg je ko punye post ni..hehe).

ok, xpe..start back with a new vision and mission.
quite long not involve in this world, now its the time to kick off.
for what reason after quite some times?
Cause i can feel, this is my real life.
This is how i express my life!

hmmmmmmmm.... tarik nafas pnjang2.

dekat stahun kot kje, mcm2 ujian dari Allah yg aku terima.
tp 2 bru ckit rasenye..
chose engineering as working background is quite tough!
everything problem, every time you need to suffer, all the time ON CALL!
cilakak, stahun kje xde cutii.... mampos liaow lo bang.ngeh3x
xlupe, once problem appear youll be alone and ALONE!
not Youll never walk alone meh?

Not to blame others,
tp aku trime sume ni as a learning curve for me to be an excellent creatures.
Allah bg ni sume sbg pnduan and pedoman..
terpulang lah kan kite yg nk menilainye..
InsyaALLAH, sedikit demi sedikit ALLAH permudahkan..

1 YEAR and 4 MONTHS. stahun jagung je 2...
i can say that, almost xd cuti lgsung, sbtu ahad pn kje meh. kje mcm bangla, nepal.haha
now, eh TODAY! i take long leave 6days,,
wow! haha.

So, tergerak nk membuka blog and menulis blog ini secara xsengaja nya..
so, dgn azam dan semangat yg baruu..
marilah kita,, berGOYANGGG...

mahu jd ank yg soleh, insan yg terbilang, masyrakat wow!
ewah2x..ckup lu
nt smbung ag..


SyamZone™ said...

Blog yg menarik dan kreatif.

john said...
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john said...

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